Vermilion Harbour

Heralding another day :-)

June 25, 2013
by Buzz


We strive to inform with a smile and offer you an opportunity to throw in your two-bits worth.

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There are four columnist, an open comment page (Open Forum), and a page for our sponsor, FOTS.   Our editorial staff has already started working on their columns:
•    Viewpoint: by Dr. W. Pecker (“Woody”), obstinate observer of the parked human condition.  Woody may, from time to time, post editorials about what he has seen through the knothole.
•    Dockers Up:  by Lady Egret (“m’Lady“) who gives us timely updates on the latest in nautical fashions, chaise and docking etiquette, whether ashore or afloat.
•    Crawlspace, a.k.a. Under the Floorboards: by Mr. C. Wood, our own “ear-to-the-ground” listener and rumorologist.  Mr. Wood (“Chuck”), may post editorials from time to time about what he has heard between the joists.
•    Hum-n-Hom: Articles of faith and joy, Humor and Homilies, about life and related topics that may be of interest.   The author is the reputed Almost Always Right Reverend C. Munk (“Chip”).

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